Darby Moses has over 25 years of experience as an Attorney - Landman. Her skills and expertise cover a wide range of oil and gas related issues. Her most recent position was working with an independent oil and gas company to prepare 250 properties for sale. She assisted with due diligence, state assignments of oil and gas leases, letters in lieu, preferential right and consent to assign letters, mineral deeds, assignment of fee leases and right of ways, and sundry and state notices for properties in Wyoming, Utah and North Dakota. Darby also worked for a major oil company on a divestiture of 1,400 wells and affiliated leases sold in excess of 100 million dollars. Other areas of expertise include employment-based immigration and asylum, civil and criminal litigation, real estate and juvenile matters, bankruptcy - commercial and individual.

This web site also gives and overview of Darby's family and recent humanitarian work. Darby lives near the foothills of Denver, Colorado with her husband John, daughter Golden and puppy Buster.